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Welcome to Lien On Me!
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1. What is a construction lien?

A construction lien, also known as a mechanic’s lien or contractor’s lien, is a legal claim placed on a property by contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, or other construction professionals who have not been paid for the work or materials they have provided. Construction liens are typically used in the construction industry to secure payment for services rendered or materials supplied for the improvement or renovation of a property.

2. Here’s how construction liens work.

  1. Providing Services or Materials: Contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, or other parties involved in a construction project provide services, labor, or materials for the improvement of a property.
  2. Non-Payment: If these parties are not paid for the work or materials they have provided, they can file a construction lien against the property where the work was performed. The lien serves as a legal claim against the property’s title, essentially encumbering the property until the outstanding debt is paid.
  3. Filing the Lien: To file a construction lien, the unpaid party must follow specific procedures outlined by state or local laws. These procedures often include filing a notice of intent to lien, followed by the actual filing of the lien document within a specified timeframe after the work was completed or the materials were supplied.
  4. Legal Implications: Once the construction lien is filed, it becomes a legal matter. The property owner will typically be notified. The lienholder may then have to initiate legal proceedings to enforce the lien and obtain payment. The legal process can vary depending on the jurisdiction.
  5. Release of Lien: Once the outstanding payment is made, the lienholder is generally required to release the lien. Failure to release the lien after payment could lead to legal consequences for the lienholder.

Construction liens provide a way for contractors and other construction professionals to protect their right to payment for the work they have done. They also serve as a form of security for these parties, ensuring that property owners cannot sell or transfer the property without addressing the outstanding debt.

It’s important to note that construction lien laws vary from state to state and even from locality to locality, so the specific requirements and procedures for filing and enforcing a construction lien can differ significantly based on the jurisdiction. Parties involved in construction projects should familiarize themselves with the relevant laws in their area to understand their rights and obligations regarding construction liens.

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3. Why Hire Lien On Me?

We know the ins and outs of the construction industry and have the experience to help you navigate even the toughest customer situations. We offer a comprehensive solution for resolving construction debt disputes. Our services include a top-notch legal team and lien experts. We’ve automated all lien processing steps, ensuring a more successful outcome in retrieving your money.

  • Our comprehensive construction lien services include our top-notch legal team and lien experts.
  • We have automated all lien processing steps ensuring you a more successful outcome in retrieving your money.
  • Contact us at the start of your projects. TIMING is VERY IMPORTANT! The sooner you contact us, the better!

Let us be your go-to construction lien consultants, and trust us to get you paid the money you’re owed for the work you already did.

4. How to qualify?

  • Speak to one of our Lien Qualification Experts (LQEs) and answer a few questions.
  • Provide our LQE with important information, documents, and photos that help prove your case. (Photos of your finished work, unpaid and overdue invoices, signed proposals and estimates, screenshots of text messages, emails, etc.)
  • Our team will take a look at what you have and give you a call if you’re qualified.
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5. What happens AFTER you’re qualified and registered?

  • Once you’ve been approved, we charge a retainer fee to hire our company to help you throughout this process.
  • Once the retainer fee is paid, we will quickly begin the process of getting your money back and resolving the situation.

6. How long does the process take?

Typically, we reach a settlement within 90 days from the start of the process. It may take longer depending on the circumstances. To better understand what happens during this process, review the timeline provided below. This timeline will outline the typical events or stages at each phase of the process.

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Resolution Timeline

At the Start of the Project

  • Step 1: Notice To Owner

Lien On Me will send a certified letter that notifies the homeowner of your legal rights and ability to pursue lien filing.

After Notice is Given

  • Step 2: Lien Filing & Recording

Our Legal Team will record an official lien with the County and provide a copy to the homeowner with a Demand Letter.

After Lien is Recorded

  • Step 3: Demand Letter

The intensity of the legal language now escalates, and our lawyers notify the homeowner of the next steps that will take place if the debt is not paid and their options to resolve the issue quickly.

After Demand Letter is Delivered

  • Step 4: Collections

A series of regularly scheduled attempts will occur through the physical mail, over the phone and by electronic methods. We will contact all known associates and family members as permitted by law up to and including reporting the bad debt to the credit bureaus which may affect homeowner’s ability to obtain future loans, credit cards, lines of credit, low interest rates, and negative employment consideration may be among other consequences.

A Court Date is Set

  • Step 5: Foreclosure

At this point, if all attempts to collect the debt have failed, our clients will have the option to pursue litigation, and have the case heard before the Judge at which point the Judge may order the home sold and proceeds paid out to all lien holders. (*Lien On Me does not cover court costs and attorney fees. Client would be responsible to pay those costs and fees which may or may not be recoupable through the court’s order based on the final ruling of the case.)

You May Get Paid

  • Step 6: Settlement

The Courts may order the home to be sold and all profits from the property sale will be dispersed to lien holders accordingly to resolve all debts to bank liens, construction liens and all other lien holders.

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We Offer Two Construction Lien Packages

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Lien Qualification & Case Review Package


Offering exceptional value, our $499 Lien Qualification & Case Review Package is a comprehensive solution and our most popular option. This robust package includes all services from the Essential Notice Package. Additionally, it extends to lien qualification, one lien filing, a debtor notification letter, a collection strategy consultation, and a case overview update call.

Specifically crafted for professional projects, this package is ideal for licensed contractors. It offers a thorough and hands-on approach, essential for protecting substantial investments in time, labor, and money. This package is fantastic for those looking for assistance with navigating the complex nature of construction lien laws.

Select the package that aligns with your project’s needs. With us, confidently secure your lien rights, knowing they are in expert hands.

Sign up today to experience unparalleled peace of mind with our professional and reliable lien services.


Essential Notice & Demand Letter Package


Our $299 Essential Notice & Demand Letter Package, an ideal introductory service, offers new clients a specialized solution for monitoring the lien status of their projects.

Register to receive your personal account credentials, granting access to our user-friendly Lien On Me platform. Here, you can upload supporting documents and photos for your claim at your convenience. Our efficient system guarantees prompt review of every new submission, significantly enhancing the likelihood of a favorable outcome.

Beyond document management, our service crucially includes issuing a Notice-To-Owner when necessary, dispatched via certified mail to ensure the robust protection of your lien rights.

A pivotal element of this package is the demand letter, meticulously crafted by our legal team on official letterhead. Renowned for its effectiveness, this letter has a strong track record in compelling debtors to pay, reinforced by precise legal citations and precedents.

Select the package that perfectly matches your project’s needs, and rest assured, knowing your lien rights are under expert management.

Sign up now to embrace the peace of mind that only our professional and reliable lien services can provide!

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