Lien Processing

When deadlines are approaching our Express Construction Lien processing services can expedite your lien filing process.

  • When purchasing our Express Lien you are automatically enrolled in a free 90-day trial monthly membership.
  • Receive priority when processing your lien, debt collections and dispute resolutions.
  • Helps you recover your money faster.
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Jason discusses the benefits of Express Construction Lien Processing

Construction Lien Processing

A Lien On Me construction lien is a legal claim filed by you the contractor, subcontractor, or supplier against a property when you are not paid for your work, services, or materials on a construction project. This lien is placed on the property’s title and serves as a way to secure the debt owed to you the claimant. The lien can lead to a legal process where the property may be sold to satisfy the unpaid debt if it remains unresolved.

The process of a construction lien typically involves these steps:

  1. Filing a Lien: The claimant (contractor, subcontractor, or supplier) must file a construction lien within a specific timeframe, which varies by jurisdiction. Filing before the deadline is crucial to preserve your lien rights.
  2. Lien Notice: Depending on the jurisdiction, a notice or warning may be sent to the property owner informing them of the lien filing.
  3. Resolution Attempts: Parties involved may attempt to resolve the dispute through negotiations or alternative dispute resolution methods.
  4. Foreclosure Action: If the debt remains unpaid, you the claimant can initiate a foreclosure action, potentially leading to the sale of the property to satisfy the debt.

The importance of filing liens before the deadlines cannot be overstated. Missing the deadline can result in the loss of lien rights, making it much more difficult to recover the unpaid funds.

Lien On Me offers an “Express Construction Liens” service to expedite the lien filing process. Clients who opt for this service benefit from faster processing and submission of their liens. This can be especially valuable in time-sensitive situations where recovering unpaid funds promptly is crucial.

Additionally, when clients purchase a construction lien from Lien On Me, they are automatically enrolled in our free 90-day trial monthly membership. This membership includes access to various resources and services that can assist you in the lien process and debt collections while keeping your business afloat.

Our clients who choose the “Express Construction Liens” service receive priority when processing their liens, debt collections, and dispute resolutions. This priority ensures that your cases are handled more efficiently and expeditiously.

The benefits of our prioritized service are significant. Recovering the money owed to you more quickly not only improves cash flow, but also minimizes the financial strain caused by unpaid debts. It can also help you avoid prolonged legal battles and associated costs, making the your debt recovery process more efficient and cost-effective.