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Empowering Contractors in the Fight for Fair Payment

In the bustling world of construction and contracting, where the sounds of hammers and drills are the melodies of progress, lies an often untold story of struggle and injustice. It’s the story of hardworking tradesmen, independent contractors, and small business owners who pour their skills and sweat into projects, only to face the disheartening reality of unpaid invoices and broken promises. This is where Lien On Me steps in – a beacon of hope and empowerment.

The Birth of a Movement

Lien On Me was born from the shared frustrations of two contracting business owners. Tired of feeling helpless against homeowners and general contractors who would delay or outright refuse to pay for completed work, they decided to take a stand. Not just for themselves, but for the countless skilled professionals in the industry facing similar plights.

These professionals often found themselves at a crossroads: to either invest time and money in legal battles they could scarcely afford or to simply move on to the next project, licking their wounds. Lien On Me emerged as a third, more empowering path.

Our Mission: Strength in Unity

Our mission at Lien On Me is straightforward: to provide contractors, tradesmen, and independent professionals with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to claim what is rightfully theirs. We believe in strength in numbers and in the power of shared knowledge and resources.

Our Services

Lien On Me offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to protect your financial interests in the construction industry:

  1. Construction Liens: Providing you with the means to secure a lien against a property you have worked on, ensuring your right to payment.
  2. Lien Qualifications: Assisting you in understanding and meeting the criteria necessary to file a lien.
  3. Automated Notices To Owners: Streamlining the process of notifying property owners about your lien rights in a timely and efficient manner.
  4. Lien Processing: Handling the complexities of lien processing, making it easier for you to focus on your work.
  5. Automated Demand Letters: Sending professional and legally sound demand letters to ensure your voice is heard.
  6. Construction Lien Filing & Recording: Facilitating the entire process of filing and recording liens, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.
  7. Construction Lien Foreclosures: Assisting in the foreclosure process if it becomes necessary to enforce your lien.
  8. Debt Collection Services: Offering services to help recover outstanding debts related to your construction projects.

Stories of Triumph

Our blog features inspiring stories of tradesmen and contractors who, with the help of Lien On Me, have successfully navigated the lien process and received their due payment. These stories are not just victories but powerful reminders of why we fight.

Join Us

If you’re a contractor, tradesman, or independent professional who’s tired of being sidelined in payment disputes, Lien On Me is your ally. Join our community, arm yourself with knowledge, and stand up for your rights. Together, we can shift the tide and create a future where every skilled professional is paid fairly and promptly for their hard work.

Because nobody should feel alone in the fight for fair payment.

Welcome to Lien On Me – “Get paid for the work you did!

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